When most of us think about skin hydration, our minds skip right over to moisturizer, right? It’s the obvious answer. When in fact, if you want to find out how to keep skin hydrated, you need to look elsewhere.

Your fridge is the place that holds the true secret to hydration. It’s what you put in your body that makes the real difference.

how to keep skin hydrated

Why What You Put In Your Body Matters Most

how to keep skin hydratedYour skin is the largest organ you have. It holds your entire body together, shielding it from potentially damaging factors in the outside world.

Before we learn how to keep skin hydrated, we need to know just a lil’ bit more about how it works.

Skin is not only a means of protection from pollution, bacteria, viruses and inner damage.

It’s also the ultimate passageway to our bloodstream.

That’s a hell of a role to play, and your skin needs a nutritious diet to perform well.

Something face creams, serums and masks simply can’t provide on their own.

Skin care is a complex process, and it’s a joint effort of nurturing eating habits combined with a proper face care routine.

However, because your skin is such a large and demanding organ, you need to look to your diet first and foremost, ifhow to keep skin hydrated you want to keep it healthy and hydrated.

If you’re not drinking enough water, there is no way your skin can absorb the lacking hydration solely from face care products. Same goes for vitamins and minerals.

This doesn’t mean that using moisturizing skin care is not important – it is!

Moisturizing your skin topically (on the outside) is also crucial, as it’s the quickest and most effective way of hydrating the outermost layers. Remember though, that your skin goes much deeper than that.

If you want to learn how to keep skin hydrated inside and out, you need to start paying attention to your eating habits.

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How To Keep Skin Hydrated From The Inside

how to keep skin hydratedThe easiest way to make sure your skin stays well hydrated, is eating the right and drinking up at least 8 glasses of water per day.

There are certain foods which have a high water content. This means that they significantly contribute to the level of hydration in your body.

They also happen to be really delicious!

By incorporating high water content foods into your diet, you’re making it much easier for yourself to maintain a healthy level of hydration, which greatly benefits the condition of your skin.

Getting at least 2 litres of water in you can be a daunting task, especially while leading super busy lives. So, another  way to keep your skin hydrated is to eat your water – literally.

These foods will make skin hydration a breeze and a delicious one at that too.

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10 Foods That Will Help You Eat Your Water

These foods have one thing in common – they all contain a whopping 90% + of water.

Apart from being super hydrating, they’re also filled with vitamins, minerals and a whole load of delicious! Incorporate them into your diet and see great results!

How To Keep Skin Hydrated With 5 Delish Veggies

how to keep skin hydrated1.Cucumber

Is the solid food with the highest water content of 97.6% !

Cucumbers are a perfect addition to sandwiches and salads.

They also make for a yummy finger food that you can enjoy with dips like hummus.

Another delicious cucumber recipe is the Greek tzatziki.

Made with greek yogurt, garlic, oregano and mint – it’s a perfect summery treat that packs in the moisture!

2.Cauliflowerhow to keep skin hydrated

With 91.2% of water content, cauliflower is a super moisturizing cruciferous veggie.

It’s great in soups, either mixed veg ones like minestrone or on its own as cream of cauliflower soup.

It’s also recently been hyped as the alternative to traditional pizza crust (yes! Cauliflower pizza crust is a thang!).

You can also find recipes that use cauliflower instead of rice.

how to keep skin hydrated3.Spinach

Popeye’s fave treat clocks in 91.4% of water, and it’s a great addition to smoothies, pasta, salads and sandwiches.

Spinach is an uber versatile veg, and just a cup also satisfies 15% of your daily Vitamin E requirement.

Vitamin E is the ultimate beauty elixir, actively supporting the production of collagen in your skin. Two birds with one stone!

4.Broccolihow to keep skin hydrated

Broccoli contains 90.7% of water and is just as versatile as spinach when it comes to including it in your menu.

It’s delicious on its own with garlic yogurt sauce, as cream of broccoli soup, in a salad to add a crunch or as part of stuffed chicken fillet.

Add it to pasta dishes for some extra moisture quenching power!

how to keep skin hydrated5.Baby Carrots

These babies pack a moisture punch of 90.4%, and who doesn’t love baby carrots?

They’re sweet and gentle on your stomach, a perfect raw snack between meals.

They’re also a delicious side to your main dish, with a dollop of butter and sprinkle of sea salt.

You can eat them in a soup or juice your carrots along with some oranges for a refreshing treat.

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5 Delicious Fruits That Bring On The Moisture!

how to keep skin hydrated1.Watermelon

Watermelon has to be one of the lowest calorie foods that are also super sweet and refreshing, especially during the summer months.

With 91.5% water content. watermelon is yum on its own, especially served cold.

You can freeze it and add to your water, or blend it with ice and your fave fruits for a skin hydrating smoothie.

2.Strawberrieshow to keep skin hydrated

The ultimate summer berries!

Strawberries contain 91% of water and they’re also the ultimate smoothie fruit.

Have them with yogurt, in your oatmeal, blend with your fave fruit or simply on their own.

Strawberries also add great flavor to salads, especially those with goat cheese!

how to keep skin hydrated3.Grapefruit

The famous weight loss fruit is also a hydrating powerhouse.

Grapefruit contains 90.5% AND enzymes which help to burn fat.

I like to mix it up with grapefruit and have a citrusy fruit salad with oranges, mandarins and some greek yogurt for added protein.

You can also enjoy it in freshly pressed juice with your breakfast.

4.Cantaloupehow to keep skin hydrated

This deliciously sweet melon packs a punch with 90.2% of water content.

A 6 ounce serving will also satisfy your daily recommended dose of vitamin A & C – both extremely important for your skin health!

If you’re wondering how to keep skin hydrated, healthy AND satisfy a sweet tooth all at the same time – cantaloupe is your best bet.

how to keep skin hydrated5. Tomatoes

If you’re wondering why tomatoes are listed under fruit – that’s coz technically they’re actually fruit.

With 94.5% of water, they’re a super moisturizing fruit too, and super easy to incorporate into any diet.

From sauces to salads to sandwich toppings, tomatoes make it super easy to get a load of hydration that’s also tasty!

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You Really Are What You Eat

how to keep skin hydrated

It’s no urban legend ladies, you really are what you eat, and when you eat well, you are going to look well. It’s so simple, but so many of us have to learn it the hard way!

It seems like we need complicated beauty routines, chemical laiden supplements, fad diets and novelty treatments to look beautiful. When in fact it’s so much simpler than that!

The simpler your diet and beauty routine, the better. Why? Because simple is easy for you and your body to manage. If you make things complicated, you’re only making it harder on yourself.

None of us really have time for a complex eating and beauty regime, right? Unless you have a personal trainer, chef and assistant, you’re probably strapped for time and energy.

Learning how to keep skin hydrated is really simple – eating a healthy diet, drinking your water, using your moisturizer 2 x daily. Tada!

Try getting a few of these fruits and veg into your menu and you will see the difference. No more fluff ladies, the simple life really is simply the best.

Much Love,

Eva K. x

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